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Strawberry river

Among the rivers that I had the chance to fish, it is one that struck me more than the others and it's the "Strawberry river"! "
It empties into the "Duchesne river" at the level of the city with the same name. "
It is preparing our trip I heard of this river which appeared to have a good potential.

After 6h30min of ride from Denver and have cross the "Ashley National Forest" under a sky ignited by the setting sun, the happened to Duchesne was quite disconcerting! "
Indeed this unwelcoming city and its night population little engaging surprised us and the first night in the corner a bit shabby motel was far from the best of the stay!

After having fled the flooding North of Denver and have ran into muddy rivers along the route, the only positive point of this first contact was the fact to see than the "Strawberry" was clear enough. "

It is often said that first impressions can be deceptive and the suite proved us the truth of this saying!


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