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Who were very disappointed with our first night at the motel "Duchesne river Inns" (the worst of those met: unwelcoming staff, dirty, etc.,...) we have the day after spending the night at the "Starvation state park" located about 4 kilometers north west of Duchesne and we had the chance to discover by chance "Pinnacle lodge / Camelot resort" where we end the stay!
If the state park was very clean and organnise the real favorite goes without hesitation at the "Camelot resort lodge"! "

Starvation state park

Located 10 minutes to the North West of Duchesne (4,5 miles), on the edge of the "Starvation resevoir" and so very close to shops (restaurants, shops, etc,...) as well as the lower part of the "Strawberry" (the route between Duchesne and the dam's productive enough!).

This state park is very modern, clean and organized!
More oriented for motorhomes and caravans, each place is paved and fitted with a covered space and herbore with pic - nik table, power supply, and barbecue.
The public toilets are brand new, well equipped and the water is very hot (not negligible after a big fishing session!).
There are also 3 small cottages for rent for comfort (we are not informed, but it is probably best to book in advance!).
A plus for some, access to water and a beach launch ramp is close!

NB: The only downside of the site comes from its location, indeed being at the edge of the water and surrounding vegetation, when there is wind hard to hold the lit stove!
But apart from this detail, very good spot!

Pinnacle Camelot Ressort

Located between the "Strawberry reservoir" and the "Starvation reservoir" and 35 minutes to the West of Duchesne (approx 28 miles), this little corner of paradise is nestled at the foot of a concretion Rocky "the Pinnacle" and crossed by the "Strawberry"!

This lodge is ideally located between the two dams, where the Valley begins to become more wild, and just on top of a tributary often stung!
It is by chance that we found this charming place at the first location of the river and it was our base camp for the ensuing days!

The owners are lovely and very welcoming people who live on-site.
Site is separated in two by the River, on one side (right bank) camping and on the other (left bank) hospitality (home owners), as well as another building wooden chalets (small apartments / rooms).

The campsite is very simple but so far very nice, not really defined locations but a large meadow with on circumferential Woody a few pic - nik tables, a few barbecues and a (very useful when it rains!) stand. The sanitary facilities are very good and very peaceful place.
We have not tested the chalets or rooms but given the outward appearance and the thoroughness with which the site is managed, I think not to take too many risks in saying they are very comfortable and well equipped!

If you want to spend a few days in the area, do not hesitate a second and treat yourself to this exceptional site by the landscape than by the quality of the reception there!
Here is the link to the website of the lodge for those who might be tempted:

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