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The river

The "Strawberry" is an 18 miles river east of Utah. "

It take its source in the "Wasatch mountains", flows first into the "Strawberry reservoir" then crosses the "Strawberry pinnacle" (sedimentary formations) then after having been joined by the tributaries "Avintaquin Creek" and "Red Creek" filled the "Starvation reservoir" before joining the "Duchesne river" a few kilometres further away. "

The first 8 miles below Soldier Creek Dam is owned by the "Bureau of Land Management", and is one of Utah's most productive brown and cutthroat trout fisheries, and was one of the first waters in Utah to be designated a Quality Fishing Stream.

This part of the river can only be accessed by a trail that runs along the north bank.

No motorized vehicles are allowed.

For our part we fished the lower six miles in top of the "Strawberry pinnacle" and its tributaries. "

This part is quite easily reached by car over a few miles then the road turns into a track passable only by 4/4 (sometimes very large puddle of almost 24 inches background has cross on nearly 54 yards) and finished by crossing private property, so access is by the river!

The "Strawberry" here flow about 2 meters cubic per second and its topography offers a multitude of different positions ranging from the long deep pool (close to 10 feet deep for some), Rapids, of RIPRAP, chalk stream, etc,... " And all this in the middle of a sometimes narrow canyon surrounded by rock bars, sometimes very wide allowing for Great Plains and all in the middle of a dense and wild nature!

A true paradise for an angler !

NB: Think of the bear's pepper-bomb ! This area is home to a beautiful bear population!
My wife found herself face to face with a mother and her cubs!
More fear than harm, she to made a sprint worthy of Karl Lewis yelling, I did pretty much the same to join!
Balance sheet: Net lost for my darling, a box of nymphs for me and the purchase of two bear's pepper-bombs to the key!

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