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   This varied topography, with pure and fresh water river is a perfect biotope for our favorite predators witch get at disposal a multitudes of places to hide.

   Indeed, the Malleo get a varied profil, its rocky, winding and very chaotic bed offers different types of caches from riprap, with carved borders, piles of branches, trunks immersed, etc...

   In majority there is some very active and combatives aboriginal rainbows, whose average size is around 9 inches (14 for larger).

   Browns are well presented also, more discreet and fewer than the "rainbows" but however their average size is about 11 inches.            

   These ladies dress is superb as usual in this region, their colors are flamboyant, swinging yellow, orange to brown to bronze highlights! real gold bars!

   The pure cold waters of the Malleo, under cover of the dense vegetation that littered its banks, offers beautiful outbreaks and a very varied density of insects!

   Rainbows are always ready to mount on your dry and according to the conditions browns do not hesitate to join! 

   Below are those that worked best, caddis, CDC safe values and must not neglect all imitations of land such as ants, grasshoppers, etc...

   Here nymph fishing is done in the same way as in many rivers, the 'wire' and under the rod but in translucent waters of the Malleo sight fishing is Queen !

   Over the river you need to vary the techniques to suit your fishing in different positions, indeed the deep veins of water requiring weighted nymphs gives way to smooth pools requiring little or not weighted nymphs.

   Tricopter nymphs and the princes are very effective and the perdigones.

   The biggest trouts are not uncommon, and their size ranges between 17 and 23 inches !

   However despite very low fishing pressure these fish are very wary and the approach must be thin and thoughtful !

   On the survey course with a length of 3/4 km we saw a good fifteen large, attacked a dozen touched 4 fish to finally be able to put a nice 55cm to the net !

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