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The river

The "Malleo" is a crystal clear River (like most of the "rio" of the region!) that take its source in the "Lago Tromen", located at 1100 m altitude at the foot of the volcano "Lanin" (3747 m) and at the center of a mountainous circus.

   His moderate flow rate (about 4 m3 during our stay) can varied significantly according to the seasons and sometimes suffers great floods (we see piles of branches'm just messing with with the most recent flood).

   On his first kilometre it is relatively quiet chaining long smooth, deep pools and a few Rapids. It then speeds up and offers a wonderful playground: water very marked veins, deep pools, riffles, Rapids, etc... A real treat for all sports fisherman!

   Access to this part of the River as well as the evolution along the rio is rather sporty and difficult, indeed there is not path marked for access to the river put in by some traces of cows and horses in the wild.

   After crossing a large field interspersed with impassable thickets separating the parking lot from the River, one still has to fight their way through a dense vegetation of stocky and often pungent shrubs all on a relatively hilly!

   But the scenery which offers us when we get out of this Argentine "maquis" finally worth!

   What can more hoped a vagabond fisherman that ending up at the other end of the world to the heart of an almost inviolate wilderness, discover an enchanting River crystal clear in its green waters and take the time to soak up these places has the shadow of an araucania (emblematic of the area tree) dreaming to come fishing!

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