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Fly tying tablet

Here is the aesthetic and very functional Air & Water  fly tying shelf, it will allow you to organize your tying space easily and to be able to move it very simply if necessary!


The mounting shelves are entirely made of solid wood and treated with vegetable oil. They are composed of four receptacles, two small (for balls and hooks for example), a larger one to put the elements of the assembly in progress and a deeper one acting as an assembly "trash can".


Depending on your needs, the number of "tool holders" is variable and allows you to store all types of accessories (scissors, spool holder, etc.). These tablets are available in "trout" and "shadow" models but, as with any Air & Water item, it is possible to bring any desired customization (engraving, sculpture, etc.).



- The "small" 5 "trout or grayling" reels               135

- The "big" 9 "trout or grayling" reels                   165 €

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