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The Models

The "Air & Water"'s concept fishing nets is above all to work tailor-made to meet your requirements as closely as possible, if the creation of a specific "shape" is possible, as a rule customization is done at the armhole on basic models that come in 4 types.

The price depends on the model (size) you want and is scalable according to the desired customizations (Engraving, inlay, net, etc ...).


Small model:
   - opening 35 / 25 cm
   - circumference 95 cm
   - footprint 54 cm
   - average weight 150 gr (excluding net)

Medium model:
    - opening 45 / 36 cm
    - circumference 128 cm   
    - footprint 68 cm   
    - average weight 170 gr (excluding net)

Large model:
   - opening 50 / 39 cm
   - circumference 144 cm
   - footprint 77 cm
   - average weight 190 gr (excluding net)

grand modèle.jpg

"Trophy" model :
   - opening 58 / 45 cm
   - circumference cm
   - size cm
   - average weight gr (excluding net)

Model "lake / salmon"
  - cm opening
  - circumference cm
  - size cm
  - average weight (excluding net)


On the net side

Two options are possible, either the use of pre-manufactured nets from the trade or the tailor-made manufacture of your net.

- Pre-manufactured nets

I have so far equipped my dip nets with Pafex net, either the "soft" net or the "anti hook" that adapt very well.

The "soft" is light, resistant, flexible and modular.

The "anti hook" has the advantage of being silicone, which gives it faster drying, not keeping too much odors and very good resistance. On the other hand, it is much steeper and heavier than the "soft" (150gr against less than half for the "soft").



- Custom-made nets

I offer you nets specially designed by me and perfectly adapted to my dip nets.
They have the specificities of having a finer and worked border finish, an optimum depth, and a drop net bottom (much more effective than the round or triangular shape to "lock" the fish).

These "tailor-made" are made according to your convenience from net "mesh" in mesh of 4mm (the only one I have in stock for the moment) or from net "pre-manufactured" that I take back in full



The rates correspond to a "basic" model including the processed dip net and mounted net (Soft Pafex), excluding customization.

- Small model                                            230

- Medium model "Team"                          250 €

- Large model                                            270 €

- "Trophy" model                                       290 €

- Tank/salmon model                                 350 €

Nets variants:

- Anti hook supplement of 10 €
- Tailor-made from 50 €

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, we can discuss your expectations and create a personalized project that suits you!

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