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"Cube" lamps

Just like the "Base" lamps, these lamps vary in many ways due to the size of the cube, the cutouts made and the species used ! ​


Depending on your wishes and depending on the cutting surface, the lamps can be equipped with opaque plexiglass for a more diffused light, the "roof" of the lamp can be open, in plexiglass, or in cut wood. ​


Let your imagination speak so that we can create an object that will make your ideas shine !


-"Basique" cube lamp                                            200

(2 cut sides simple pattern without "high" cutout")

The price then changes depending on the “options” desired :

- Simple cut (per side)                                     40 €

- Complex cutting (per side)                                     80 €

- “Top” cutout                                                            50 € 

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, we can discuss your expectations and create a personalized project that suits you!

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