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   Having always been passionate about fishing, I do my arms throwing (from the toc to the spoon then to the lures) and naturally I've evolved into flyfishing that a dozen years ago.

   This technique immediately fascinated me, but to my eyes the logical evolution for a sport fisherman! Indeed this technique pushes the fisherman to get closer to the natural environment that is his ground game to get to know the habits of his opponent, discover his diet, etc.,... and thereby try to lure!

   For me the Assembly of fly is part of this passion and complete learning of the biotope in which we practice our passion, more to lure a fish is already a great joy but that this is done with a fly that is mounted yourself brings more satisfaction and happiness!

   Once I started I've almost never fished with other flies than mine and I tend to rise excessively, a box with a few well-chosen models available in some size and color (20 flies) is quite sufficient to cover almost all situations!

   Personally I always liked boxes well filled, a few years of top competition and a "serial tyer" here I am !

   As this learning I've learned to recognize the favorite prey of our beautiful Zebra: mayflies, Trichoptera, etc,..., discovered many species of fish (barbel, Pike, bass, etc,...) through a multitude of spots (Lake, River, sea) and therefore greatly diversified my range of fixtures and quality of my imitations!

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