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The line unwinder


Both practical and aesthetic, the Air & Water  line unwinder will allow you to untwist, treat and store your synthetic or natural lines very simply! It is handcrafted in solid wood of noble essences (Old walnut, cherry, etc ...) and has a very beautiful finish.


The 7 cm wide and 20 cm diameter spools offer a very correct winding surface allowing synthetic or natural lines to be wound on them both to treat them and to dry them (natural line


The spools are interchangeable and it is therefore possible to store your lines on different spools which are very easy to handle.

The fixing of the reel is done by two copper rings and allows to fix all types of reels! The support centered at the level of the reel allows easy winding.

Changing the spool is really very easy, just unscrew the knob opposite the handle. Once the handle has been removed, the reels are simply stored in a stack (protective covers for storage are planned).

This line unwinder is currently available in old walnut and cherry, it is obviously possible to consider other species on request. Like all Air & Water   products, it is of course also possible to personalize it (engravings, etc.)


- the line unwinder                                           240

- The extra spool                                                 80 €

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