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Detached bodies

Here's detached bodies for the realization of your assemblies!
My bodies, like any "
Air & Water" product are entirely homemade and are modular to order to adapt to your needs!
Body of ephemeral, tipula, bibios, etc ... Do not hesitate to contact me for any order or information about this product!

The bodies have a nylon weft that gives them more strength and allows an ideal attachment to the hook. In addition, this nylon allows you to "bend" the body as it pleases by pulling on the latter once fixed.
The "excess" foam makes it possible to realize certain specific models (formation of a thorax, wing imprisonment, etc ...)



- Ephemera body                                  1,50 €


- Basic Bibio body                                 1,50 €

- Tagged/tinsel Bibio body                  2,00 €

- Mayflie boddy                                    2,00 €

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